How Would You Like To Have Your Own SELF HELP DVD Products Right Now And Start Creating Passive Income From The Comfort of Your Own Home?


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Most people have realized that Having Your Own Product is one of the best and most profitable ways to make money online. Purchasing Resell Rights Products can help you achieve this much quicker. By that I mean holding a license to someone else’s information product, this license given by the product creator, gives the licensee the right to sell the DVD information product and keep all the profit.

The Master Resell Rights Licence Self Help Bundle Includes The Following Set of 36 Master DVD images For Duplicating including:

Back Pain Relief x 3 DVD
Massage Routine, Stretch Routine, Pilates Routine, see sample video below:

Golfing For Beginners x 3 DVD
Long game, Short Game, Equipment, Etiquette, see sample video below:

Example of Golf DVD Footage

DVD Resell Program

Get your share of the billion pound self help market, start today, say good bye to your boss within 6 months if you take action!

Purchasing this set of DVDs gives you legal right to duplicate and resell these DVDs for 100% of your own profit. You can duplicate these DVDs and sell them in your own way.

These DVDs cover very popular niches both with millions of potential customers ready to get their wallets out and hand you cash! You now have the freedom to duplicate these DVDs from your very own master copies and make huge profits from any of your creative forms of selling.

A great bonus is that you are not only selling some of the most popular self-improvement products on the market today, but you are selling products that will work effectively for your customers.

Some Ideas For Use Of These DVDs

  • Make Money Selling These CDs On Your Website
  • Use These DVDs As An Incentive To Order Your Own Product
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs On Ebay
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs To Your Network Of Friends
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs At Flea Markets/Car Boot Sales
  • Make Money Selling These DVDs On Your College Campus
  • Use These DVDs As Gifts To Your Customers And Clients
  • Use These DVDs As An Incentive For Employee Performance

Incredible Opportunity

By now, you may see the incredible opportunity that is in front of you and you may want to join our excitement in providing DVD products world wide to help people achieve success in reaching their goals.

Our products give you the unique opportunity to rebrand dvd products to sell and market as your own. They can also be used so that you can sell them and build your own brand in a specific niche ie. GOLF, YOGA etc… With these evergreen niches DVD Resell rights products will bring you earnings for years to come instead of for a few weeks, while a particular product is trending or in fashion. The beauty about selling these types of products is that when the sale is completed, you get the full amount for the DVD paid direct into your account.

Once you have a set of master DVDs, you can label the DVDs with any design you wish. Then you are ready to start making money.

This is the kind of money that you can make selling INDIVIDUAL DVDs at a £14.95 retail price.

# Basics Sold/Day
 Monthly Income
 Yearly Income

This is the kind of money you can make by selling the RE-SELL RIGHTS to the whole package, you can easily charge £499 or more for these rights:

# Basics Sold/Week
 Monthly Income
 Yearly Income


Selling these DVD's or the resale package is easy if you follow my instructions that I provide with the package!

Massive Profits

It costs just pence to produce one DVD! 15p for the DVD, 2p for a sleeve, if you want to put them in DVD style cases then add 10p. So you can see your profits are massive compared to a traditional 30% business mark-up.

Here is what you get in your Resale Rights Licence Package:

Back Pain Relief x 3 DVD
Massage Routine, Stretch Routine, Pilates Routine

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Golfing For Beginners x 4 DVD
Long game, Short Game, Equipment, Etiquette

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Pole Dancing Lessons x 3 DVD
Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

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The above images are examples of the design you can create, using free software your self or outsource for next to nothing.


Men's Self Defence x 5 DVD
Close Quarter V1 & 2, Firearms, Ground Attack, Knife

Women's Self Defence x 3 DVD
Urban, Close Quarters, Sex Attack Defence

Kids, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Six Pack ABS, Over 50's, For Men

Reflexology x 3 DVD
Feet, Hands, Ears

Massage x 3 DVD
Thai, Anti-cellulite, Baby

Sexy Butt & Thigh Workout 1 x DVD

Swimming For Adults x 2 DVD
Volume 1, Volume 2

Swimming For Babies Toddlers x 2 DVD
Volume 1, Volume 2

Full Instructions

  • I show you where to get your DVD and packaging supplies.
  • How and where to market them for maximum profits.
  • How to easily copy and produce professional looking DVDs using your home printer and PC.
    Full Support
    You can contact me anytime via my support helpdesk, with any questions or queries your may have and I'll be happy to help.
    Master Copies
    I will supply you with master copies of each disk in ISO format on hard disk or USB memory stick with instructions on how to burn them easily on demand, using free software.
    Sales Page Master

To help you get started quickly I will also include and give your rights to use my high converting sales page (the one you are looking at now). You will be able to amend it if you so wish!


Master Resell Rights Licence Document


I also include a editable Master Reseller licence giving you legal right to sell as many copies as you like of not just individual DVD's but your can sell this whole package as a business just like I am, for whatever price you like and wherever you like.

10 Limited Licences

I have 10 5 licences left, so don't miss this chance to create your own profitable self help business, because once I sell 10 licences the doors are closed, as I don't want to flood the market.

Massive Discount

If you were to commission your own DVD it would cost you a lot of money per DVD production:

Professional Quality DVD Footage………£12,000 (36 DVDs)

Professionally Written Sales Letter………£997

Your Price just £497

So Take Action NOW and secure your future!

Just 5 licences left, so grab your licence now for the low price just £497.00 (Normally £997). Your package will be sent in plain secure packaging via local courier service or Royal Mail Special Delivery and should arrive in 2-5 days.

Buy Now Just


Note: If you just require one title then you can purchase them for £97 per set, message us with your requirements.

Best Wishes


Rik Fox Online/Offline Marketer

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